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Angelina Delgosha, LCSW - Amherst Location

Ms. Delgosha specializes in adults 16 years and up struggling with depression, anxiety, Panic Disorder, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), relationship break-up, separation, divorce, addictions, Bipolar Disorder, self-esteem, stress, anger management, adjustment/life transitions, domestic violence, dating abuse, complex trauma, codependency, Alcohol Spectrum Disorder, sexual abuse and chemical dependency.  She has extensive experience working with marital and couple conflicts.  Her clinical approach is evidence based treatments designed for individual needs of each patient. 
Ms. Delgosha is also a Certified Crisis Management Trauma Responder. 

"No one is in control of your happiness but you; therefore, you have
the power to change anything about yourself or your life that you want
to change." 

TESTIMONIAL:  Angelina would like to hear how she is doing and would like to share your testimonial on her web page.  If you would like to share your experience with Angelina, please fill in your name and message.  Angelina will not post or share your last name due to confidentiality.  Thank you!

See Angelina's Testimonials Below!

Angelina Delgosha

Testimonial From:  Cassie - January 2019
Angie helped me get to a point in my life that I honestly never thought was achievable. I was incredibly lucky to be assigned to her at the lowest part of my life, and with her help I am living my best life. She is extremely talented and knowledgeable and really knows how to connect with her patients. I appreciate her more than she will ever know. I couldn’t ask for a better therapist who has been so helpful to not only me but my husband and our marriage as well.
She is an expert with everything listed above and if I knew how valuable therapy was I wish I
I could have started even sooner with her.

Angelina Delgosha

Testimonial From: Angela - December 2018
I have been with Angelina for 3 years now and consider her a truly gifted human being! I speak with confidence as I myself have a master's degree in social work. Angelina joins you in your struggle and feels what you feel. She steps into your shoes and completely understands you. She is generous, real, comforting and kind beyond words! Angelina is also a skilled clinician who will do whatever she can to help you feel and get better. I can honestly say she is one of the very few people I count as in my corner and who understand me.  This is truly invaluable.

Angelina DelgoshaTestimonial From: Herman - December 2016
I am Angelina Delgosha's patient, and also I am a health care professional, working in the mental health field for many years. Without doubt she is at the highest level of effectiveness in treating her patients. Her ability to be empathic, to individualize treatment, listen, use humor and give direction are all signs of someone who is a natural in psychotherapy, who has years of experience, and who also works very hard to help her patients. I have benefitted very much, and I'm sure others have. She is one of the very best therapists in the area.

Angelina DelgoshaTestimonial from:  Michele - June 2016
I was definitely at my lowest when I met Angelina. From minute one she was confident that I would be fine. I just couldn't see it. I was sure I would have to be hospitalized. Angelina strongly disagreed and she was right. After 3 months of meeting weekly, and following all her suggestions, I'm back to feeling like myself. There are just no words to thank someone for giving you back your life. Also, the support staff has always been very helpful with scheduling and just very understanding and caring.

Angelina DelgoshaTestimonial from: Bob & Debbie- March 2016
We have been seeing Angelina as a couple for over four years, she has been trying to help me (Bob) with my bipolar disorder. With her help my wife and are coping with my mood swings. She listens to both of us, she makes suggestions to make coping easier. With out Angelina's help I'm not sure we would still be together.

Angelina Delgosha

 Testimonial from: Kelly - December, 2015  It is never easy for one to admit they need help. When I first saw Angelina, I was having trouble coping and feeling that I was going to hit rock bottom.  I have shared some of my deepest, darkest secrets with her that I have not shared with anyone else. Her empathy, caring and non-judgmental attitude puts you immediately at ease and helps you say "I can get through this, I will be okay". Life isn't always easy, but I know that I can count on Angelina to help me get through the challenges I still face. I am so thankful that Angelina is there for me and that I made the step in asking for help. I don't know where I would be right now without her.  Angelina is a wonderful therapist and I highly recommend her!!!

Angelina Delgosha
Testimonial from:  Laura - September 26, 2015
Angelina is wonderful! She is the third therapist I have worked with, and the third time is the charm! She is the first therapist I have felt comfortable enough with to really delve into my past and find the strength to move forward. Angelina is warm, insightful, and empathetic. I have already recommended her to others, and feel blessed that she was recommended to me!

Angelina Delgosha

 Testimonial from:  Sally - September 10, 2015
In 2013, I was at my lowest point! I felt as if I had no value, worth and no peace. By the Grace of God, Angelina came into my life. I've never gone to a therapist. How does one feel comfortable airing their problems? We are taught to be strong and not worry about the stuff we can't control. As hard as it was to "let go" and "move on", Angelina showed me the way. Her listening skills and dedication to help make her an outstanding therapist. I can't express enough how comfortable she made me feel. Her office is not typical of what you may think. As you look around, you feel a calmness. A warm soothing place filled with quotes... and think to yourself, hey, I can be that person I was meant to be.

Angelina Delgosha

 Testimonial from:  Jessica - August, 2015
Angelina is an angel on this Earth is an understatement. Angelina is the third therapist that I have worked with; hands-down, she is the most empathetic, kind, dedicated, trustworthy, non-judgmental, and EFFECTIVE social worker that anyone could ever have the pleasure and honor of working with. Angelina has helped me work through many difficulties, and has taught me countless strategies in order to help cope with the various stressors of daily life, as well as how to “let go” of some very deep-rooted issues. Her soothing and calm voice matches the ambiance of her office, full of inspirational posters, quotes, and candles. An aspect of therapy that I highly value is the ability to understand the symptoms I experience, as well as the reasoning or psychology behind them. Angelina takes the time to explain what I undergo in addition to relevant treatment, which personally helps me to make sense of my situation, and therefore, move forward. Additionally, it is clear that Angelina does not follow a “one size fits all” approach. She adapts and adjusts her therapy for each patient. Angelina is incredibly humble as she acknowledges the patient as the individual putting forth the work in between sessions; in my opinion, she is the true hero for providing her patients with the knowledge, skills, and compensatory strategies in order to make growth and progress towards becoming a happy and ‘whole’ person. I am beyond thankful to have been paired with her; she puts the ‘Angel’ in ‘Angelina!’ 

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