Anxiety Treatment

Mental Health Treatment in Buffalo, NY

Chances are that you have felt anxious before a big test, interview, or other stressful situation. Anxiety is
a normal reaction to stress, but it becomes a disorder when those feels continue on or worsen even
after the situation at hand passes.

Whether you feel overwhelmed by everyday situations or have fears that limit your life, it’s important to
know that you aren’t alone. With help from our therapists, we can work together to find the root of the
cause and develop ways to help you cope. Once we figure out a plan of action and determine the right
coping techniques for your anxiety, you can begin to practice these on your own outside the office.

Many potential patients worry about judgments or being forced into uncomfortable situations. At WNY
Psychotherapy Services, we will make sure that you are comfortable at all times and won’t pressure you
into something that you don’t approve of. Your treatment is meant to help you, and you can trust that
we have you at the forefront of our decisions.

Counseling Services & Therapy Sessions

  • Anxiety disorders are more common than many people think, and the disorder itself can be manifested
    in different ways. Our clinical psychologists can help you with your:

  • General Anxiety
    Panic Disorder
  • Phobias
    Social Anxiety

  • If you live in the Buffalo, NY community and are suffering from one of these conditions, call WNY
    Psychotherapy Services.