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Rachel Gill is a Licensed Clinical Psychotherapist who provides treatment services to children over the age of 8, adolescents, families, couples, and adults. The goal in treatment is to improve the quality of individual’s lives, relationships, overall health and wellbeing through an eclectic form of psychodynamic therapeutic strategies, tailored to fit each person’s needs.

Rachel has 12 years of experience in the community with individuals who are experiencing challenges with: anxiety, depression, trauma, mood disorders, social anxiety, life transitions, physical health problems, health/mind body connection and nutrition, relationship and family problems, grief and loss, stress management, eating disorders, psychosis, SPMI diagnosis, behavioral problems with children and adooescents, self-esteem, bullying, personality disorders, sexual orientation, bipolar spectrum diagnosis, PTSD, self-harming behaviors. Rachel can assist in disability matters, legal assessments, court mandated evaluations, chemical dependency, and surgical evaluations.

Rachel’s empathetic, intuitive approach with a strength based, person centered treatment philosophy, is the foundation of her practice. The therapeutic relationship is an integral element for success in therapy. Rachel utilizes many modes of treatment in an integrative or holistic approach using the following but not limited to:  Cognitive Behavioral Treatment, Trauma-focused, Dialectal Behavioral Treatment, Solution focused, Gestalt properties, Psychoanalysis/Psychodynamic, Existential, Behavioral, Spiritually tailored if desired, Systemic, multicultural, and stress management.

Rachel obtained her Master’s degree in Social Work from the University at Buffalo in physical and mental health and has experience in Psychology subsets, with two undergraduate degrees in psychology, with distinction. Rachel has experience with a wide variety of therapeutic settings in: hospitals, foster programs, intensive outpatient, children and adolescent residential, community-based programs, outpatient mental health, and Human Services programs.

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